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In Le Petit Québec restaurants, our atmosphere is one of family, friends and fun. Our day and evening staff always give the best service, which has allowed us to grow a loyal and consistent clientele.

There are 13 Le Petit Québec locations where you can drop off your résumé, in addition to a new one opening in Saint-Hubert!

We guarantee that you will soon remember some of your customers’ usual orders just by their smile!

Join us in a stimulating
work atmosphere!

Since its foundation in 1996, Le Petit Québec has grown from a single address to more than a dozen locations. The banner’s expansion projects and performance are the result of the dedication of the 300-some employees who work as a team each day.

The advantages of working at Le Petit Québec

Generous tips split between staff members

Fun work atmosphere with a stimulating team

Flexible schedules, adapted to your reality

Even more benefits specific to each location!

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